Why train with us?

Melody and Joe Cheal are Master Trainers of NLP.

As the GWiz NLP, we are accredited with the Association of NLP and with the INHNLP, having trained with John Overdurf and Julie Silverthorn (and originally with Richard Bandler and John LaValle).

We are the co-founders of the Positive School of Neuro-linguistic Psychology (PSiNLP) with Julie Silverthorn.

So… Why train with us?

  1. We (Melody and Joe) are both NLP Master Trainers (there are only a few of us in the UK). We also both have Master’s degrees in psychology-related subjects and are passionate about our own learning and development.
  2. We have been working with NLP since 1993 and have over 20 years experience each in the personal and corporate development fields. We link NLP to the broader field of psychology.
  3. We are committed to working with the ANLP who are the most independent and well respected NLP association in the UK. We are both on the accreditation panel and are involved in organising the International Research Conference. Joe is also the editor of the ANLP journal: Acuity.
  4. We regularly publish articles on NLP and believe in getting knowledge ‘out there’ rather than keeping to ourselves!
  5. We are regular speakers at various NLP conferences and groups.
  6. Melody writes a weekly blog on NLP and personal development to sign up complete the email subscription box at the side of this page and you can access archives from our previous site using this link. (Click Here)

For More information about Melody and Joe, click here.

Also, see our PDF article: Meet the Trainers

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