Why all Managers need to know how to Coach?

Why all Managers need to know how to Coach?

Take a moment to consider how Managers are created. The most common way for someone to move into management is to get promoted because they are good at the job.

For example, you are a good salesperson, engineer, scientist, shop assistant etc so you get promoted. You may or may not have good people skills, you may or may not know how to manage, motivate or coach your team.

If this was your pathway do you sometimes feel out of your depth? It can sometimes feel overwhelming for managers who are suddenly expected to know how to do a whole range of people managing tasks overnight.

People leave managers not jobs so not being able to manage people often results in higher staff turnover and an increase in gripes. No one wants to have to deal with that.

Learning how to Coach will give you the skills to do all of the necessary skills and puts you on track to developing a high performing team. In addition you will gain so many unexpected bonus gifts. By learning to Coach you will gain some important insight into your own motivations and communication gaps. This is great for your long term goals in your career and will improve your personal and family relationships too.

If you are a manager and you take control of your own development you will see results. If you would like to find out more about how to gain this important skill set contact me for a chat.

Melody Cheal MSc MAPP
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