Who Stole My Pie? £9.99

Buy Who Stole My Pie? Now £9.99

Who Stole My Pie is packed with powerfully simple models, tools, tips and techniques. If you want to gain greater control over your time then this book is for you!


Naomi Bainbridge

1 May 2015

I found the book really accessible and easy to read, it combined humour with practical solutions and strategies to use in the workplace! Very useful and informative, I will use many of the solutions in my line of work for the foreseeable future.
Who Stole My Pie? 5 star review

21 April 2015

A simple, witty and effective book on time management. Highly recommended for new managers and individuals who try to please everyone!
Who Stole My Pie? 5 star review
Amazon Customer

13 April 2016

Really easy reading and so simple and helpful.

Buy Who Stole My Pie? Now £9.99

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