What has promoting your Coaching Business got to do with used Car Salesmen?

Have you worked out the link between Car Salesmen and promoting your Coaching Business?

On one level there is no connection at all. The stereo typical version of the Car Salesman (and it is usually male in the stereo type) is someone who will sell you a car any way they can. They may well use pressure techniques and convince you that you need features you had not even considered.

Sadly, that is probably happening in some of these pressure marketing campaigns promising you a six figure salary. (I wrote about this last week in my post about get rich quick schemes targeting coaches).

Eventually both the car owner and the Coach see through selling that is unethical and manipulative. The result is a lack of trust and maybe disillusionment. Would you go back to that sales person? Probably not.

Here is something you may not have considered. If you buy a car from an ethical sales person they listen to your needs and believe your budget. They help you find a car that suits you and is reliable. Good sales are not about selling one unit. Good sales people understand that when you form a trusting relationship with your customer they come back next time they need a new car. You get repeat business. They also recommend you to others in a genuine and natural way building your reputation organically.

It is no surprise that there is a high turnover of staff in car showrooms using unethical approaches. However, when you find a car showroom where the sales person has been selling cars from the same place for twenty years it feels different. They have many repeat customers and have an approach that feels genuine and supportive.

Are you getting the link to Coaching yet? Coaches who are ethical and trustworthy build relationships (with appropriate boundaries) with their clients. The Coaching cycle with a client will have a healthy time span. The Coach will be pleased when the client has what they need and no longer needs to attend sessions.

Paradoxically, this is good business as well as ethical. Clients who feel that you, as their Coach, have served their needs will recommend you. They will also return as clients from time to time when a new issue pops up or they have a new goal to aspire to. When they trust you they will not hesitate pick up the phone or email you for a new appointment.

What kind of Coach do you want to be? Are you in it for the long haul? Do you want to build a positive reputation? Do you want to know you are working in a way that feels congruent with your values?

What is important to you about how you work as a Coach for the next twenty years? Thirty years? Forty years?

Do you want to be one of those Coaches that popped up for a year or two and then disappeared? Or do you want to make this your career?

Share your thoughts with me about your vision, your successes and what has been getting in your way. Others may truly benefit from you sharing your experiences.





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