What happened at NLP Trainer’s Training 2019?

NLP Trainer’s Training
Class of 2019

NLP Trainer’s Training is the third course in the main NLP Trilogy after NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner. What you may not know is how Transformational NLP Trainer’s Training can be.


This year we had an amazing group of students at various levels in their own development. There were several students wanting to take NLP Trainer’s Training Evaluation and Certification. We also had one person who is already an NLP Trainer who was on her NLP Master Trainer Track.


The training took place over a two week period starting with the training element where students learnt how to structure and plan courses, teach on multiple levels and develop charisma as speakers.


This was then followed by three days of Evaluation and Certification.


The following notes and pictures are from our photo diary.

Day one of NLP Trainer’s Training, great start everyone.


Melody and Joe teaching on NLP Trainer’s Training







Getting into Trainer State

Day one of NLP Trainer’s Training concluded with a welcome party.

Day one ended with a Party to give everyone a chance to get to know each other







We had two amazing and brilliant assistants on our NLP Trainer’s Training Caroline Hart and Sanja Mitin. Assistants are an essential part of all our NLP Trainer’s Training Courses. 🙏💜🦋🦋💜

Training Trainers Hypnosis
Training Trainers in the Garden. All ambiguities intended!
Day…..cant remember of Trainers Training in NLP and hypnosis. Learning and enjoying lots. What a wonderful journey with wonderful people.
Double inductions
Time for some relaxation and double induction hypnosis
Demo Day
Practicing Demonstrations
Melody Coaching on TT
Melody Coaching on NLP Trainer’s Training. Providing skills feedback on Presentation style

Dr Sanja Mitin travelled all the way from Croatia to assist on our NLP Trainer’s Training and to take the first step in her journey towards NLP Master Trainer. As always we’ve had a lot of fun. Do you want to join us next time?
Melody Cheal MSc MAPP
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