The Model Presenter £3.72

The Model Presenter

How would YOU like to be the Model Presenter?

Confident – Engaging – Structured – Flexible – Relaxed – Excellent

The Model Presenter will show you how to:

Develop the qualities of an exceptional presenter
Create a memorable and logical structure
Deliver presentations and training with confidence
Engage an audience easily and effortlessly
Deal with a wide range of challenging situations

This ‘how-to’ guide is filled with steps to follow and helpful hints and tips modelled on the best of the best.

You will discover a host of original material including:

Closing the Gap between yourself and the Mind of the Audience
Preparing using the BROADCAST Model
Delivering training sessions using the IMPACT Formula
Transforming nerves into confidence

Be remembered for the right reasons…
As you become the Model Presenter!

Joe and Melody Cheal have been presenting and training since 1993 in both the corporate and personal development fields.
They are both certified Master Trainers of NLP and have a passion for inspiring, developing and entertaining audiences.

This book is based on a 20 year modelling project that began with the question:
“What makes presenters and trainers excellent?”

“An elegantly written, concise yet complete guide to presenting with style. An absolute must have for anyone who is committed to confidently delivering inspiring presentations. From audience engagement and state management to preparation design and delivery The Model Presenter really is the only book you will ever need to become a successful charismatic presenter!” Cristiana Saudella,
MBA Marketing Manager.



* Presenting and training
* About the book

The Model

* What is the model presenter?

The Mind of the Audience: Closing the Gap

* Modelling the mind of the audience
* The mind of the audience
* Closing the gap: Into the mind of the audience
* Connection and credibility: The keys to closing the gap
* Engaging the audience: Push and pull
* Asking questions: Inviting the audience to input

Creating a Model Environment: The Psychology of the Room

* The model environment
* The venue
* The room
* The media

Preparing Context and Content

* Modelling content preparation
* ‘BROADCAST’ preparation

Structure: Preparing to Deliver a Presentation

* The presentation overview
* Opening your presentation: The introduction
* Main points
* Questions
* Closing your presentation: The summary

Designing and Delivering Training Courses

* Training style and approach
* Matching different learning styles
* The IMPACT Formula: A practical method for designing and delivering training

Body, Voice and Emotion

* Modelling body, voice and emotion
* Getting the audience’s attention
* Body and emotion

Language: Engaging the Audience

* The impact of language
* Strong and colourful language
* Mind your language
* The answer is in the question
* Signposting and meaning making

Examples, Stories and Metaphors

* Modelling examples, stories and metaphors

Handling Questions

* Questions and answers
* Best practice: Steps for taking questions
* Inviting questions: What if there are no questions?
* Handling questions using the ‘Directions of Thinking’ Model
* Pacing and leading your response
* Other challenges when handling questions

Managing Difficulties

* Yes, but what if…?
* When presenters create their own difficulties
* ‘External’ difficulties
* Worst case scenarios
* Final words

Managing Nerves and Fear: Connecting to Confidence

* Audience tolerance
* Nervousness: What and why?
* Handling nerves: Solutions and ideas

Appendix 1: The Modelling Project

Notes & Further Reading

About the Authors


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The Model Presenter


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