Solving Impossible Problems: Working Through Tensions and Paradox in Business

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Say goodbye to organisational dilemmas, tensions, conflicts and stress with Solving Impossible Problems.

Impossible problems are those that will not easily be solved. They twist and turn and defy resolution. When you think you have them nailed down, they loop, split and flip, taking you round in circles until you find yourself back at square one.

The ability to manage tensions, paradox and uncertainty in business is becoming a much sought after leadership skill.
`Paradox Management’ is a new but increasingly essential field in the area of business management and will be highly influential in the ongoing sanity and success of all organisations and of the people who work for them.

Solving Impossible Problems will give you a greater understanding of organisational tensions and paradox. You will learn how to recognise these `twisty turny’ problems and then use practical tools to resolve them or use them for innovation.

This book is a unique guide to greater innovation, heightened wellbeing and enhanced thinking power through the revolutionary process of Paradox Management.

Solving Impossible Problems Review
Danny Udall
Solving Impossible Problems Review
Ronald Cella
Reality is more complex than it seems.Buy this book!Excellent
Solving Impossible Problems Review
Kate Webber
When I come across a problem that seems to have no resolution for all concerned I often wonder first what someone else in my position might do. Occasionally that can be helpful but usually the only person who really understands the dilemma from my angle is me. This book delves deeper into paradox and provides some tools to help practically work out a solution but without the heaviness that I would prefer not to add to the problem, instead the gentle humor adds lightness. It is a book that I can see myself returning to now and then to help guide me around, through and out the other side of the conundrums of life.
Solving Impossible Problems Review
The author discusses complex situations in a simple and clear way and supports with great models and illustrations. Integrates many areas of expertise eg NLP, Transactional Analysis which enhances learning and understanding in a holistic way. Easy to read and dip into! Learnt loads! Thank you!


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