Creating a self-care positive reminiscing practice

One of my Christmas gifts this year was in a beautiful box and although I loved the gift inside I was very drawn to the box. Have you ever seen a child who wants to play more with the box more than the toy? If you have a cat I bet you know how important boxes are.  I thought about how it can help me with self-care.

Cants practicing their own self-care
Photo by Chris Boyer

I have decided to put this particular beautiful box to good use in a way that allows me to enjoy it every day. I am going to use it as a memory box to store momentoes from 2020. I thought I would share this idea with you as a tip to help in your self-care and well-being practice.


This idea is a variation on the positive thoughts jar and is based on noticing the good things as they happen.

Once or twice a week take a few minutes to add items to your memory box. If you spend time with people you love to write a note to yourself about it. Maybe print off a picture. There may be small items that remind you of the experience that are meaningful to you but might mean nothing at all to someone else.


I like to put tickets from events, brochures of a show or an acorn picked up on a walk into my memory box.  I think there may be a muddy footprint going in soon from my new dog, Riva. She is very good at producing them.


If someone gives you a “thank you” card pop it in the box. If someone is kind to you make a note. If someone gives you a bunch of flowers revive the old art of flower pressing so you can keep one bloom in your box. The things you find meaningful will be very personal to you. If you are a parent you might include a picture drawn by your child or a hand made present. We are all so used to taking pictures on our phones yet there is something special about a photo print. Make sure you select some favourites to include in your self-care Memory Box.

As part of your self care why not start a memory box?
Photo by Roman Kraft

At the end of the year, you can go through your special memory box and reminisce about the year past. Reminiscing is a great way to strengthen your sense of well-being and resilience.


What will be the first thing you place in your memory box?  Get in touch on Facebook and let me know.


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