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Meet The GWiz NLP Trainers

This article uses Dilts’ Logical Levels model to tell you more about who we are and what we do. As seen in RAPPORT MAGAZINE 13 (2008)

Neuro-linguistic Dreaming

What is the language of dreams? How do the works of NLP forefathers Erickson and Perls relate to dreaming? As seen in RAPPORT MAGAZINE 15 (2009)

Living Through Paradox

Have you ever been caught between a rock and hard place? Have you felt that you were damned if you did and damned if you didn’t? Have you ever found yourself going round in circles? Have you ever ended up with the opposite to what you actually intended? As seen in RAPPORT MAGAZINE 17 (2009)

The Infinity Point

Adventures into the Void… As seen in RAPPORT MAGAZINE 29 (Autumn 2012)

The Impact Of Language

A collection of articles exploring the physiological and psychological impact of language. As seen in RAPPORT MAGAZINE

Distortions in Thinking

A collection of articles exploring the strange way in which we think… and what you can do about it. As seen in RAPPORT MAGAZINE

Managing Internal Dialogue

A collection of articles desiged to help you understand and handle some of your internal dialogue. As seen in RAPPORT MAGAZINE

Interview with Julie Silverthorn

An Interview with Julie Silverthorn, NLP Master Trainer, Author and Seeker. By Melody Cheal. As seen in RAPPORT MAGAZINE 17 (2009)

NLP & Supervision

A brief article about the role of supervision in NLP. As seen in RAPPORT MAGAZINE 5 (2006)

NLP & Teenagers

What is the ecology of teenagers learning NLP skills, and particularly trance induction? Also, what needs to be considered when using NLP to work with children and teenagers? As seen in RAPPORT MAGAZINE 6 (2006)

NLP & Teenagers NLP and Healthy Living

As seen in HEALTHY magazine March 2007, Issue 51.

NLP and Dog Training

 As seen in NLP News (Society of NLP)

NLP Research and Applications

The GWiz Business Case for NLP

This article gives details of our business case for NLP, including a competency framework. This can be a useful article when seeking financial sponsorship from your organisation to do the Practitioner or Master Practitioner certificate.

NLP Pilot study

Research evaluating the measured impact of an NLP Practitioner course on the Self Esteem and Self Efficacy of the course participants in the short and longer term.

NLP Positive Psychology Journal Article

An investigation into how neuro-linguistic programming can be a source of positive psychology interventions to increase self-esteem and subjective well-being in psychologically healthy populations. As seen in the academic journal: Current Research in NLP: vol 2 – Proceedings of 2010 Conference (2011)

NLP Positive Psychology Dissertation

An MSc dissertation by Melody Cheal researching the impact of NLP on self esteem in the wider context of the Positive Psychology field.

Exploring the Role of NLP in the Management of Organisational Paradox

This article is the published version of MSc research into the nature of business paradox and the role of NLP in resolving paradox. It was the basis of a presentation at the first International NLP Research Conference 2008 As seen in the academic journal: Current Research in NLP: vol 1 – Proceedings of 2008 Conference (2009)

NLP Concepts and Developments

Embodied Modelling and a Development of the Satir Catergories

A new process of modelling integrating concepts and research from NLP, Embodied Cognition and Cognitive Linguistics. As seen in ACUITY: THE ANLP JOURNAL Vol.4 (2013)

The Landscape of Experience

A new NLP model drawing from Emotional Psychology that helps the user to go meta to their own emotional, physiological and cognitive states. As seen in ACUITY: THE ANLP JOURNAL Vol.2 (2011)

The Role of Moods in NLP

What is a mood? Is it different to a state? How might we enhance our mood? As seen in ACUITY: THE ANLP JOURNAL Vol.1, No.1 (2010)

What’s the Meta

A brief exploration into the nature of ‘Meta’ and logical levels and how they are used in NLP and beyond!

What’s the Opposite of Meta

This article brings a new concept to NLP known as ‘mesa’ (the opposite of meta). Find out more… by going inside. As seen in ACUITY: THE ANLP JOURNAL Vol.2 (2011)

Science, Philosophy & NLP

Where does NLP belong? Is it a ‘proper’ social science or just an unproven and unprovable pseudo-science? For anyone interested in NLP research, this will provide the reader with some key concepts and arguments. As seen in ACUITY: THE ANLP JOURNAL Vol.3 (2012)

Logical Levels of Self; Utilising and Developing the Logical Levels Model

Who is ‘I’? Who is ‘me’? Exploring the journey of who we are. As seen in RAPPORT MAGAZINE.

Levels and Loops of the Learning Organisation

Exploring the concept of the Learning Organisation and how the Dilts’ Levels framework can help make it a truly workable strategy rather than a theoretical construct. Brings in some classic OD references. As seen in ACUITY: THE ANLP JOURNAL Vol.4 (2013)

Logical Levels 7S Matrix

A combination of Dilts’ Logical Levels hierarchy and the McKinsey 7S model to aid in the diagnosis and implementation of organisational change.

The Three Logics, Reframing and Sleight of Mouth

Following on from ‘Dilemmas & Tensions and Binds: Oh My!’, what can we do to manage Organisational Paradox? Techniques are explored in the context of the three logics: formal, dialectic and trialectic. Dilts’ Sleight of Mouth patterns are also applied to the resolution of paradox.

To Nominalise or to Denominalise? That is the Question

Starting with the premise that reality is made up of things and relationships, this article works to understand what makes us need to turn processes into things (nominalise). And what if reality is really just process and things are simply a product of the mind?

Neuro Rapport

An exploration of research into mirror neurons and its connections to NLP. What is some of the latest thinking on the neuro aspect of neuro-linguistic programming? Also introduces a metaphor for understanding the neural network called the ‘cabel hub metaphor’.


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