Positive Psychology Coaching: Savouring the moment

In this first full blog on Positive Psychology Coaching I want to focus on Savouring the moment.

How often do you truly stay present and savour the moment?

As a Coach being “present” with our clients is a key skill but is this the same as savouring the moment?

I would argue that although similar these two experiences are not the same. As a Coach giving yourself the gift of savouring will help you to build and maintain your resilience. It will do the same for your clients when you encourage them to take time to savour.

In preparing to write this piece I decided to consciously take twenty minutes to savour. I wanted to have a fresh experience to share with you.

I took myself and my five dogs into the garden. I sat on a bench and allowed the dogs to do what they wanted.

I started by watching my dogs play noticing how they naturally savour life. Playing and running and jumping. When the mood took them they stopped to sniff or lay in the sunshine. I was savouring this experience using my eyes and ears. When I let go of “noticing” I truly savoured the experience of being with my dogs.

My awareness expanded and I listened to the wind in the trees, the birds singing and the distant hum of traffic. I looked at the trees, I closed my eyes and felt the interplay of the chill breeze and the warm sun on my face.

My internal dialogue was quiet, my mind didn’t wander to other topics. It was still because I was experiencing my senses.

All too often we can be in an experience but thinking of other things, sometimes life’s worries or just want to have for dinner. Our way of living creates the busy mind, distraction and a sense of preparing constantly for the future.

Using your senses to savour an experience helps you to stay present without any need to achieve anything. It allows your neurology to settle, stress levels to drop, you remember to breathe fully. All of this is good for your well-being.

Although you may not feel it is realistic to live every moment savouring making sure you give yourself the gift of regular savouring moments will boost your well-being and health.

As a Coach you need to walk your talk. If you want to help your clients learn to savour make sure you are able to offer real examples of how you take time out to savour life. With that in mind I have a challenge for you.

When was the last time you savoured a meal?

My challenge for you this week is to eat a meal and savour it. You may need to eat alone or if you have someone who would like to join you in savouring eat together. Notice what happens when you let go of conversation and savour each bite. You may be surprised how much flavour you experience and how much slower you eat.

Let me know your experiences. What happened for you?

Melody Cheal MSc MAPP
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