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Please note, we are currently offering all our training on-line via Zoom. For the time being we are not offering NLP101 or NLP Diploma separately. Our NLP Practitioner includes all the content covered by these two courses.

We are offering you the opportunity to attend a free taster event to find out if NLP is for you.

19th January, 4pm to 5pm. To book your place email Melody direct.

If you would like to find out about our NLP Practitioner starting in February 2021 click here.

Melody Cheal, NLP Master Trainer at GWiz NLP
Melody teaching at GWiz in Crowborough, East Sussex

Our one day NLP 101 is an opportunity for you to find out if NLP is for you.  It also counts as 25% credit toward your NLP Diploma!

Our intention is to provide you with an opportunity to find out two important factors:

Is NLP diploma for you?

Here is how NLP helped one of our recent students:

“I joined the NLP training just over a year ago. In that year I have completely transformed into a different person. From someone who suffered from regular anxiety and disbelief in my self, my self-worth was at rock bottom and I really didn’t know how to move on.”

Are we the right providers for you?

By experiencing our style of training and approach we hope you will be inspired to sign up for the rest of the NLP Diploma and the complete NLP Practitioner.

Here is a recommendation from one of our recent students

“I would recommend the NLP diploma training for anyone, not only have I learnt how to change my life so much for the better, I also made a great new friendship circle where we all share the positive changes. NLP training is actually really simple to adapt into your or anyone else’s life.”

See what our students think:

How does it work?

First, you register your place on the NLP Taster Day and provided you register for the Diploma within 7 days of completing the NLP 101 we will give you a special rate of just £395 for the remaining three days of the NLP Diploma. We charge a small fee of £24.95 when you attend our NLP101 so you can dip your toes in the water.


On completion of your Diploma you are then ready to complete our NLP Practitioner which is a further three modules of four days each.

If you already know you are ready to take the complete NLP Practitioner book now and you pay £1995 and NLP101 and NLP Diploma are included!

 How do I sign up?

 Contact Melody direct on 01892 309205 or click link  or email


The GWiz NLP 101 is a one-day introductory certificate in Neuro-linguistic Programming.

This introduction gives you an opportunity to begin the GWiz NLP experience and to ‘try before you buy’ the full NLP Practitioner Certification training. We believe that it is important to know what you are getting when committing to any personal development!

And on the NLP101 course, you will be gain a greater understanding of what NLP is and you will get a first-hand experience of NLP and how it can help boost confidence, resilience and self-esteem.


NLP 101 Learning Outcomes

By applying the learning from our NLP 101 course you will be able to:

  1. Use your communication skills more effectively by developing your ability to read people
  2. Describe how to ‘click’ with others and build stronger rapport more quickly
  3. Present a more confident, resilient self-image
  4. Prepare yourself by managing your state more easily
  5. Take control of your emotional reactions to people/things/actions/events
  6. Overcome self-limiting beliefs

The GWiz NLP Diploma is a four-day course split into two parts:

Part 1: One day NLP 101 Certificate
Part 2: Days 2, 3 & 4 of the Diploma

NLP Diploma Learning Outcomes

As well as the Learning Outcomes outlined above, by applying the learning from our NLP Diploma course you will be able to:

  1. Describe the difference between successful and non-successful outcome setting
  2.  Set outcomes that compelling and well-formed
  3. Make changes to your ‘internal cinema’ to transform how you respond and feel
  4. Help others overcome limiting reactions and beliefs
  5. Build strong positive states to apply to any situation
  6. Manage your own state and the state of others more easily


The diploma then counts as the first four days of the full accredited NLP Practitioner.

The reason for dividing the course up this way is to allow you to go
as far as you want to go one step at a time.


So… Why train with us?


  1. We (Melody and Joe) are both NLP Master Trainers (there are only a few of us in the UK). We also both have Master’s degrees in psychology-related subjects and are passionate about our own learning and development.
  2. We have been working with NLP since 1993 and have over 20 years experience each in the personal and corporate development fields. We link NLP to the broader field of psychology.
  3. We are committed to working with the ANLP who are the most independent and well respected NLP association in the UK. We are both on the accreditation panel and are involved in organising the International Research Conference. Joe is also the editor of the ANLP journal: Acuity.
  4. We regularly publish articles on NLP and believe in getting knowledge ‘out there’ rather than keeping to ourselves!
  5. We are regular speakers at the major NLP conferences and a range of practice groups.
  6. Melody writes a weekly blog on NLP and personal development. (Click Here)

Testimonials for NLP101


“I’d like to say thank you to both you and Joe for both an informative and developmental NLP 101 course.

Working with people myself in a coaching format I was impressed by the methods you showed to help build confidence in one’s self and others, then develop an understanding for how someone feels or believes a situation to be.

I’ve worked with many professionals in my field with theoretical and practical skills and I’d say yourself and Joe are two of the best at reading what a person needs to move forward.

You’re highly adaptive at selecting some of the many techniques you use to assist a person onward. With your genuine friendly yet skilful and professional approach you seem to make changes effortlessly.”

“I would like to wholeheartedly thank you and Joe for the NLP 101 course that took place on Thursday and Friday last week. I must admit that it was one of those life experiences that left me very inspired, changed my point of view on many things and generally significantly enriched me. Even though, this was just an Introduction to NLP course, I have found it extremely interesting and both you and Joe have left a very good impression on me.”

To see more, download “GWiz NLP Testimonials” click here

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