NLP Overview

What is an NLP Practitioner?

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) could be defined as ‘the psychology of excellence and the science of change’.

An NLP Practitioner could be described as ‘an agent for change’.

The principles of NLP can be used at different levels to:

  • Develop yourself (Personal)
  • Help develop others (Interpersonal)
  • Realign businesses (Organisational)

NLP was founded originally to model excellence. By establishing exactly how someone achieves something, excellence can be ‘installed’ and repeated again and again. From this starting point, over the last thirty years, an array of processes, concepts and techniques have been developed to enable you to:

  • become more resourceful in managing attitudes, thoughts, emotions, behaviours and beliefs
  • relate to others easily and effortlessly,
  • understand how language and its use has a direct impact on your state, your brain and your success in communicating with others.

In addition to all this, as an NLP practitioner, you will learn techniques designed to help you develop your own skills and help others develop theirs. The principles will be introduced conversationally and with activities throughout the course allowing participants to learn on many levels consciously and unconsciously.

Who are these courses for?

For you and anyone like you who wants to work effectively with other people.

So… Why train with us?

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