How do you keep your focus positive and healthy?

Keeping your focus positive and healthy is one thing you have absolute control over and today I want to share some simple ideas for you to consider.


When you think of the past direct your thoughts to joyful, sweet, fun and happy memories. Actively ruminate over those memories and share them with others to strengthen their power.


If you have intruding negative memories re-mind yourself that there is a positive intention behind that unconscious intrusion. Make a point of acknowledging the positive message in that old memory.


For example, guilt feelings around the loss of someone you love are usually to remind us that we miss that person and that we love them. Acknowledge this meaning and turn your thoughts to happier memories of that person.


If negative memories persist or are overwhelming reach out for support from an appropriate professional.


Spend time in the present appreciating what you have right now. You may want to check out my blog about noting 5 things a day you are grateful for. If you are concerned about something in the here and now take action or ask for help.


When you think about the future create plans for your dreams and allow yourself to dream. If you worry about the future, write down your worries, reality check them and work out a plan to handle what is left.


These simple ideas can really help you focus and at the same time remember, if you need help it is okay to reach out. Sometimes you need someone to listen, sometimes you need a coach to help you focus and at other times you need deeper help to shift block and free yourself up.


How are you doing managing your focus?

Melody Cheal MSc MAPP
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