How can you let go of Imposter Syndrome and step into your Confidence?

Do you ever feel like you are wearing a mask and that at any moment you will be found out? Behind the mask you might feel like a five year old pretending to be a grown up super hero. This is the feeling of Imposter Syndrome.


Could you be a superhero hidden behind Imposter Syndromw?

Photo by Jessica Rockowitz

I wonder if you have ever stopped to consider where Imposter Syndrome comes from. If this is something you have noticed in yourself take a moment to consider what you are saying to yourself that makes you feel like an Imposter.


The chances are when you become more aware of what you are saying to yourself you realise that the Imposter is one small part of yourself albeit a loud one. And as you check in with yourself you will probably notice there are other parts that have different things to say. You may even have a part that is already self-confident but is being shouted down by the Imposter part.


I often work with people like you helping them integrate parts such as the part driving Imposter Syndrome. I always start by helping you recognise that this part is really just trying to protect you in some way. It has a positive intention.


Very often as you begin to explore what is really going on internally you will discover that this part represents a much younger version of you. It is the you that may have had criticism or negative feedback, may have been unfavourably compared to others or in some way scared by an experience. This part needs help accessing the here and now version of you who is already resourceful and in at least some situations confident.


Processes such as the Core Transformation Process developed by Connirae Andreas can really help to integrate parts that are holding you back from living the life you want to live. When I work with people either individually or on a Core Transformation Workshop I am always amazed at how powerful the transformations can be.


So if you are wrestling with Imposter Syndrome or lack of Confidence contact me to arrange a free Exploration Call to find out the best plan for you.


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