How Breathing boosts your Well-being in more ways than you might realise

You may already know that breathing “properly” is good for your well-being but do you know exactly how it helps? Knowing how breathing boosts your well-being can provide you with the motivation to add this simple practice to your daily self-care.


Breathing through your nose promotes improved brain function, memory, cognition and the processing of emotions. It also gives your heart and lungs a good work out relaxing blood vessels and allowing more oxygen into your system.


Breathing slowly, (six breaths per minute) stimulates the vagus nerve calming your entire nervous system and can lead to an altered state of consciousness. All of this helps to improve your well-being.


Are you remembering to breathe through your nose?


Top tip for today, set a reminder several times a day to stop and check your breathing. By consciously breathing through your nose of a minute or two at a time you will notice the benefits very quickly.

Use breathing as part of your regular self-care practice.

If you are ready to make some serious improvements in your Well-being I have two courses scheduled for March that will really help you.

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