How are training courses evolving to meet the challenges of the pandemic world?

Students on Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma 2021

Last month I ran my first hybrid training here at GWiz, The course was the specialist training module for our Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma. Most of the students were with me in the training room. Two people were unable to attend in person because of the current restrictions.

How did it work?

I was uncertain how it would work and my main concern was making sure the people online felt included.

I invited four of our graduates to join us virtually to ensure the online students had variety in practice sessions.

For the in-person training we had to make some changes to keep everyone safe including the introduction of hand sanitiser dispensers in strategic locations.

I am delighted to report the training did go well and students on both mediums felt included in all sessions. We even managed to create the opportunity for the in-person students to practice with the virtual ones.

We did have some technical glichés that facilitated new learning that next time can be incorporate into how we do things.

Next stop will be the Wholeness Work next week  (18th  to 19th  August)

. My intention is to have everyone in the room however I am retaining the option to switch to hybrid if anyone gets pinged or if I get a student who cannot attend in-person for a specific reason.

What did I learn from teaching a hybrid course?

The main personal learning I have taken from the last 18 months is that staying flexible is essential.

While staying flexible make sure you give yourself permission to learn as you go. You don’t have to be perfect. Mistakes or lack of experience are merely opportunities to learn.

So tell me what is the biggest thing you have learnt over the last 18 months?



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