Accredited GHSC & ABH Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma

Oakhurst Marden's Hill, Crowborough, East Sussex

Would you like to become an accredited Hypnotherapist with both GHSC and ABH? Contact us to find out how you can make the first step today towards a new future.


Accredited mBIT Coach Certification

Oakhurst Marden's Hill, Crowborough, East Sussex

Reb VealeNLP Master Trainer This training is based on the idea that we have three brains, the head, heart and gut. Learning to connect with all three brains and facilitate integration where needed helps you access a greater sense of inner balance and make wiser decisions.   “mBraining is a simple and gentle, yet highly…

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The Core Transformation Process on Zoom

Oakhurst Marden's Hill, Crowborough, East Sussex

Learn how to use the Core Transformation Process to help your self and others become the best version on themselves

Positive Psychology Coaching on Zoom

Positive Psychology Coaching methods for personal development and profesional development. Counts as credit towards Association for Coaching Accredited Diploma


Become a Coach – Foundations in Coaching via Zoom

Accredited Diploma with Association for Coaching Why train to become a Coach? People choose this training for a variety of reasons. You may be thinking about changing careers and want to set up your own business as a Coach. You may work in an organisation that is developing a “Coaching Culture” and want to ensure…

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