NLP Trainer’s Training and Certification

Oakhurst Marden's Hill, Crowborough, East Sussex

Are you ready for NLP Trainer’s Training? We are living through transforming times! So we thought we had better change. Our new format starting in 2022 will use a combination of in person training and live Zoom workshops. We will not be using recorded sessions so you will still have that in the room feeling.…

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Psychological Approaches to Coaching: AC Accredited Diploma

Oakhurst Marden's Hill, Crowborough, East Sussex

Train to be an Accredited Coach and create a business where you really make a difference! This programme is available via a Video Conferencing Platform due to Social Distancing concerns. Currently restrictions have been relaxed in the UK so students will be given the option of changing to  an in person option here in East…

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The Core Transformation Process

Oakhurst Marden's Hill, Crowborough, East Sussex

Learn how to use the Core Transformation Process to help your self and others become the best version on themselves

Accredited GHSC & ABH Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma

Oakhurst Marden's Hill, Crowborough, East Sussex

Would you like to become an accredited Hypnotherapist with both GHSC and ABH? Contact us to find out how you can make the first step today towards a new future.


Transactional Analysis For Coaches (AC Accredited) on Zoom

On Zoom

Would you like to know what makes people tick? This workshop will give you to the tools you need to use Transactional Analysis for Personal Development or to add to your Toolkit as a Coach or NLP Practitioner.


NLP Coaching & Coaching Supervision Double Certification on Zoom

This brand new training is now available for experienced NLP Coaches so that you can offer Supervision to other NLP Coaches and Coaches generally. Currently this is the only ANLP Accredited Supervision training we are aware of and it is also double accredited, second certification is with Association for Coaching. You will not only learn how…

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