Do you have meaningful priorities?

Have you got meaningful priorities?


I wonder if you find yourself getting caught up in the everyday, albeit important tasks of earning a living, taking care of the kids and getting all your to do list done?


Fill your jar with meaningful light

Many of you will be familiar with the idea of a gratitude jar or a gratitude journal where the idea is to record daily things you are grateful for. (I’ll post a reminder about this later in the week for those of you who do not know this brilliant tip).


Today I want to switch up the jar metaphor a little. Are you keeping your higher good in mind I wonder?


Stephen Covey used a jar metaphor in a differently to the gratitude journal. He used the jar to represent your capacity to do things. In his jar he explained that we could represent different priorities with different items. High priority would be pebbles, then small stones, then sand and finally water to represent the lower priority. He maintained that people often put the sand and water in first meaning there was no room to add bigger priority items.


The trick was to put in the pebbles first, followed by the small stones followed by the sand and finally the water. That way we get the right balance.


So my challenge to you is to clarify what are your big pebbles? Do you know? Are you paying attention to them?


What is most meaningful to you?

I’ll give you a few suggestions: Love, Health, Well-being, Joy, Purpose, Connection, Contribution…….


What do you need to be paying more attention to?


Melody Cheal MSc MAPP
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