How can you boost well-being in yourself and others?

As we move into the Festive Season I thought you might find it helpful to consider some simple ways to boost well-being both in yourself and in others. Here are five simple tips that you can apply in your life and encourage in others.

  1. Make a point of noticing the small things that, when you focus on them can make you smile. This includes noticing the beauty of a raindrop on a leaf, hearing the laughter of children playing and acknowledging the warmth of a hug from a friend or loved one. By noticing small things you are constantly topping up your inner well of good feelings. Help boost well-being in others by sharing those moments.
  2. Set aside a little time each day as “Me” time. Choose something that nourishes your soul whether it is a soak in the tub, a walk in nature or drinking hot chocolate by the fire. In this way, you are learning to live in the present moment which is a great path to well-being and peace. Support and encourage others to do the same. When you take the time to re-charge your batteries you have more energy to help others.
  3. As you look to the future make a point of planning some great things to look forward to. Make a plan, get excited and share the journey with those you care about.
  4. In a similar way, it is time to get out those rose-tinted glasses. Start a habit of positive reminiscing. Remember fond experiences from your past and share them with others. Storytelling is in our DNA and it is a way of bonding. Playing the “do you remember …” game with those you love can be a beautiful way to strengthen relationships.
  5. Practice the habit of random acts of kindness. If you have not heard of this habit let me explain. Find ways to help others where you have no particular expectation of thanks or recognition. It can be a small thing or you might even decide to start volunteering for a good cause on a regular basis. There is a paradox when we help others with no expectation of thanks we actually do get rewarded by a boost in our sense of well-being. This is because we are satisfying a human need to contribute and make a difference.

practice kindness to boost well-being


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