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Coaching Circle & Supervision Group

Working as a Coach can be lonely. This may seem a strange thing to say as you work with people every day. As a Coach you are there for your client and your focus is on your client’s issues.

Do you ever wish you could discuss cases and get support? What do you do if you have an unsettling session? Who do you share your successes with?

I often speak to Coaches struggling with all of these issues and this has motivated me to raise awareness of the support that does exist at GWiz Learning.

To begin with I provided this support one to one which worked well.

As a Supervisor I have been working with Coaches, NLP Practitioners and Hypnotherapists in this role for over 15 years and as a Trainer/ Coach for 30 years.  I wondered what else I could do to help.

Very quickly it became apparent to me that there could be huge benefits from offering people the chance to take part in Supervision Groups and Coaching Circles. My monthly groups soon became very popular to the extent that most sessions are usually fully booked right away.

So what are the benefits of Supervision Groups and Coaching Circles?

  • You will build up strong connections with other professionals (who often become close friends).
  • You will be able to share cases in a confidential and supportive environment. You will benefit from feedback, challenge and support about your practice.
  • You will have a place to debrief challenging client’s/sessions from people who understand.
  • You will learn from others cases and Supervision.
  • In the Coaching Circle you will be able to hone your skills with direct Coaching and feedback from a Trainer/Supervisor with 30 years of experience.

Over the coming months I will be sharing blogs with focusing on the sort of issues many Coaches and Supervisors face in their work. If you have a particular topic or a challenge you would like help with do let me know.

Supervision Groups and Coaching Circles are offered primarily via Zoom. The advantage of this is that the groups are open to you wherever you are in the World. I do offer face to face groups if there are enough people interested in attending locally.


If you are interested in finding out more contact me direct to arrange a free chat via Zoom.

I also offer fully Accredited Training with Association for Coaches, ANLP and GHSC.


Accredited Psychological Approaches to Coaching Diploma (AC)

Rolling programme, contact me for details


Accredited Supervisor Diploma (AC & ANLP) (Zoom)

Starts in August, you will need to meet minimum criteria to attend. Contact me to apply


Accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist (GHSC) (East Sussex)

Main Hypnotherapy module 16th to 21st July 2022. For GHSC Accredited additional hours required. Contact me to find out more.


There are also lots of CPD events available:

30th to 31st March 2022 Positive Psychology Coaching (Zoom)


24th to 25th May 2022 Foundations in Coaching (Zoom)


7th to 9th June 2022 Core Transformations (East Sussex)


26th to 27th July 2022 Transactional Analysis for Coaches (Zoom)


6th to 9th September 2022 Accredited mBIT Coaching Certification (East Sussex)

Guest Master Trainer, Reb Veale


27th to 28th September 2022 iNLP Coaching Model (Zoom)

You can find out details of all these events on our website events pages 

or contact me direct.



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