Accessing States of Well-Being

Last week accessing states of Well-being was the topic of our NLP Practice Group. NLP provides many tools and mindsets to manage how we feel and how we cope with challenge.

Joe Cheal and I shared some ideas about a number of these tools:

  1. Frames – how you perceive and the mindset you access creates an important starting point.
  2. Making sure you are “at cause”, this also links with mindset and perception.
  3. An important point for you to remember is that expressing your emotions is also vital to positive mental health.
  4. Becoming aware of your reactive emotional triggers will help you improve your long term well-being. Using models from NLP such as Swish to clear emotional triggers helps re-set your baseline.

If you would like a copy of the notes from the Practice Group you can download them here Accessing States of Well-Being 2020

We also discussed how to use the Swish Pattern in an ecological and healthy way via video conferencing. I may add another blog on this topic later in the week so do check back. If you are already an NLP Practitioner or above and would like to join our next NLP Practice Group on 3rd December (7pm London time) click this link to book your ticket.

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